by Supermarket

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released June 21, 2016

Héctor Santos (Guitarra, coros)
Daniel Santos (Batería, MIDI, coros)
Cristian de Castro (Guitarra)
Camilo Vázquez (Bajo)
Antía Seijas (Voz)

Grabado y mezclado por Dani y Héctor Santos entre los días 18 de abril y 15 de junio de 2016.
Ilustraciones de portada por Tato Estrada.




supermarket Spain

De donde venimos, conformamos la plantilla de un supermercado propio llamado SUPERMARKET. Ensayamos en el almacén, los días en que el pescado y las conservas de verduras no lo anegan. Hacemos música fronteriza/cienciológica/pueblerina/abstracto/animales, para todos los gustos y ahora con un
50% de descuento en charcutería y Starlight Lovers.
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Track Name: Come with Me
Come with me, cause I'm the only one who know about this.
Come with me, maybe without I can't do it.

The End will come destroying everything, and maybe you and I will run away.
If you can follow me till the end, maybe the sun'll give us a chance.

Don't give up, all we can do is struggle side by side.
Don't give up, at least I see your eyes when world collides.

The End will come...

Be my comrade, come through the space with me. I need your hand, friend, to believe, together we'll wild and free.

The End will come...
Track Name: Starlight Lovers
You make me feel stronger. Ignore the order that stop us.
Like a buterfly the wind is blowing on my wings, going strong I lose all control.

Oh, Starlight Lover, make your way to me
Oh, Starlight Lover, you've got me down on my knees
Oh, Starlight Lover, make your way to me
Oh, Starlight Lover, your light keeps me going

I'm scared of the future. My true fate is die away.
All my life I see you shining on.
I will love you till the end, hanging round you.

Oh, Starlight Lover...x2
Track Name: Moody Eye
Come right here I want to tell you something
He lost his eye hunting a f*cking whale,
he took his way.

Old and creep with his wooden teeth.
He took his way

And we don't know where he go, the weirdest mistery.
Does he run away to a better place?
Poor Moody Eye.

The brightest light didn't shine at the lighthouse
He heard the call over the sea's wall's screams
while washing ashore.

Hear the call: Babe come right here
The Light drags him.

And we don't know... x2
Track Name: Wolf
I'm waiting for the winter with a knife in my hand.
I saw the dead man bleed while he was still alive.
Maybe don't even know that it was not my fault
I just gave him the knife where I stood.

She told me so, the wolf is still alive.

Leaves are falling slowly and the water feels so warm to me.
All I can see is purple haze, it's invading the streets.
Let in the noise inside your brain, regrets are poison now
I just cry on the wind where I stood.

She told me so... x2
Track Name: Grey Stone
Grey stone
Rolling through the ground
Lose your goals
Fly across the sound

Feel the space
Clear your mind, you can't leave time behind
Lose yourself
Desert son, blow up the line

Grey stone, jump into the smoke
Close your eyes, touch the moon and fall
Grey stone, swing across the light
Shake your mind, throw it far into the sky
Track Name: Motorider
I'm free on the road,
closing distances, between the moon and I
A silver lining, led me aside
and stoned above the sky

Oh, I'm upside down
on a table full of spikes
My legs are trembling but I'm not afraid
They throw me shiny ashes, What the hell?!

What's going on?
Abduction from Outspace
Let me get out of here

I'm free of my bounds
Stole their weapons and razed them all
Bump into Elvis, on the bridge
and we get lost on the deep

Is Elvis
He's on the control
Screwy meeting!

Travel throught the space and time
Travel at the speed of light
Track Name: Damned Dice
Give me another chance
Give me, honey, another chance

What can I do if fate isn't on my side?
What can I do with this damned dice?

Why God makes me feel ashamed?
'Cos losing is part of the game

What can I do if fate isn't on my side?
What can I do with this damned dice?

Just give me another character
Just give me another character

What can I do if fate isn't on my side?
What can I do with this damned dice?

Let me be another character
Hey master level me up!